Alright, maybe you don’t necessarily need to be a bachelor for this post to be relevant to you. Regardless, preparing your car with this simple and easy survival kit will make your life, and the life of your passengers, a lot easier.  So let’s just say that these are things that every guy must have in their car.  Here are a few scenarios in which you will find these items handy:



Let’s say you ordered the steak frites with garlic butter for dinner and now you need to drive your date home.  Pop a mint.  Heading over to a job interview and you’re stuck in traffic and feeling a bit tense?  Pop a mint.  You’ve just had a long day of work and your friends invite you to join them for happy hour.  Pop a mint.  It’s a late night and you’re feeling drowsy at the wheel.  Pop a mint and open all your windows.  Breath mints can save a life and they won’t melt!  


You are playing the new Kendrick Lamar album while driving and since you’re a rebel you illegally text your date stating that you’re on your way to pick her up.  You’ve also decided that instead of the white iPhone, you’re a macho man, so you purchase the matte black one.  Then as you’re texting, a minivan with a bumper sticker that says “Babies on Board” stops abruptly and you slam on the brakes.  Right when that happens you mutter an expletive and just when you’re in mid-syllable of said expletive the universe decides to condemn you and you drop your macho matte black iPhone into the chasm that sits between your seatbelt and the middle compartment.  Flashlight.


Because social media is addicting and you’re a hustler.  Stay up.  


Because you never know when you might want to just pull over, get out of your car, enjoy the weather, and throw a frisbee.  Do this with someone you’re interested in and you’ve won them over.     


The gas station has appeared in many a horror movie and dangers lurk in many a corner and in every nook and cranny.  So make sure you use antibacterial right after you’ve pumped your petrol.  A bit too obsessive and compulsive?  Try this.  Your date sitting right beside you in shotgun asks if you have any.  Gird your loins young buck.

This may sound like a given but we joke you not, there are so many people that don’t have tissue paper in their cars!  Spills happen and you need to be able to wipe away the misfortune.  Having a box of tissues in your car will come in handy when you least expect it.  God bless you!


For those impromptu drives at night.  For those sudden stops and that glorious sunset.  For those spurs of the moment, just by chance, “hey let’s take a stroll around the park” late Sunday afternoons.  For those faint moments that don’t need to be Facebooked.  For these occasions; a light blanket.       


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