So the festive period is over and the reality of how much you spent, how much weight you gained, and how much regret you’ve accrued has settled in.  Not to worry though, it’s the new year and if you want to save money here’s how!


This may sound simple, but trust me, it’s harder than it seems.  Meeting up with friends, acquaintances, and the colleague happy hour is part and parcel with what it means to live as a young adult.  Being a hobbit isn’t the best way to save your hard earned money, but picking and choosing when you drink with your friends is.  Here’s what you do:

  • Abstain from drinking on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Work is rough, I get it.  But instead of meeting your friends at the bar on these nights, meet them at the gym.  You’ve already paid for membership, it’s a healthier alternative, and it saves you money!  Go for a couple on Thursday, splurge on Friday, and chill at home on Saturday!
  • Order cocktails at dinner instead of wine – my chef friends all tell me one truth: restaurants make most of their money on alcohol and appetizers.  Ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant definitely isn’t going to save you money.  Ordering by the glass is cool but the pour really depends on the bartender and what type of glassware they’re using.  So, order cocktails.  You sip on them, the alcohol content is higher, it takes a lot more effort for the bartender to make, and you only need a few to get buzzed.
  • Stop buying rounds (for random people) – getting carried away when intoxicated is an understatement.  But being conscious of how many rounds you buy the next time you’re out will definitely save you a bit of financial hangover.  Drink wisely my friends.


  • Host a gathering at home and drink at there – If you rent a room, invite 1-2 people.  If you have a studio, invite 3-4.  If you own a penthouse, stop reading this post.
  • Cook – develop your skills in the kitchen, have a few go-to recipes that you are comfortable and can perfect and then invite someone over to share it with.  It’s better than that tavern burger you were going to order anyway!


  • Stick to quality over quantity – yes, you may not have as many colors of as many things.  But quality materials last longer and also look nicer most of the time.
  • Check out your closet – and marvel at all the clothes and things you don’t wear.  Then try and remember how much you spent on these items, add them all up on your iPhone, then feel encouraged about your new year resolution to stop shopping frivolously. img_3761

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