What does this ambiguously defined term even mean? People have been asking you to dress smart casually for ages, but what should you really wear?

Let’s find out by breaking down the two words. If we take the word casual and find its antonym, we get the word formal. So if someone tells us to dress formally, we know exactly what to do. We would wear a tie with a button down long-sleeved shirt, and we’d wear a suit with leather shoes. However, there isn’t much wiggle room when we are asked to dress formally. The same can be said with dressing casually, simply dress however you want!


Things get a bit murkier though when you need to dress smart casually. And therefore we must assume that smart casual is somewhere in between. So really, you can play around with 3 articles of clothing, your shirt, your trousers, and your shoes.


As you can see, all I’ve done here is switch the shirt (from button down to t-shirt), the trousers (suit pants to jeans), and shoes (leathers to a more casual boots).  Also, the suit jacket can easily become a blazer.  So next time someone tells you to go to a birthday party smart casually, you know exactly what to do!

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