Life can be difficult sometimes.  Stress is inescapable but how we react to it is all the difference.  When life throws us a curveball, we can either strike out or hit the home run and tell it to get the heck outta here.  So sit back, have a stiff drink, and keep these things in mind the next time you feel stressed.


Sometimes the best way to handle stress is to be absolutely practical about it.  Stress will pass and you may just need to ride it through.  There have been countless negative things that have happened to the universe, and still it stands.  So yes it may seem unbearable, but it will pass. Here are few ways that will definitely help you successfully ride it through.

  • Sweat it out – go for a long run or anything that gets your pores open and your sweat out.  This is the easiest way to feel better and is a practical way to relieve whatever’s troubling you.IMG_0891.JPG
  • Eat something you like – had a long day?  Work stressing you out?  Don’t binge, but eat something you like.  It could be something simple like vanilla ice cream or a burger.  You deserve it and you need to take care of yourself. 
  • Turn off your cellphone disappear for a bit.  Go for a long walk.  Sit on a park bench and just breathe.  The internet is a tremendous blessing but sometimes it can be a curse too.  So unplug to recharge. 
  • Know your limits – don’t take on more than you can handle.  It’s okay to say “no thanks”.  Part of managing stress is knowing oneself and what you can and can’t do.         


If there are a lot of things on your mind and you can’t seem to get over them, the easiest thing you can do is list them out.  Make a list of everything that stresses you out, then sort them first by priorities and then the date it needs to be completed.  Often times, stress pervades because we can’t visualize what’s ahead; there seems like there is no end.  By making a simple list, we can visualize what we need to do and what awaits us at the
end of it all.


Things could be worse and you will survive.  Don’t believe me?  History tells us otherwise.  People thought the world was over during WWII.  We came out stronger.  People thought the Cold War would blow us all up.  We survived.  It may suck, and it may hurt, but you’ll make it, so work through it.  Take your list, muster up your effort, and finish the job that you were meant to.      


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