The word discipline can sometimes evoke a negative connotation, but discipline is what truly separates the good from the extraordinary, the boys from the men.  Discipline is a quality that doesn’t come naturally and can only be developed and fostered.  So read on and find out how and in which aspects of life discipline is imperative.


The people that say they love salad are lying to you; name one person that loves chewing on raw kale.  But people chew on raw kale for a reason, and that reason is discipline.  It’s easy to let yourself go and eat fatty steaks basted in compound butter and indulge in pizza with extra cheese.  It’s even easier to do this in front of a television then finish with a few scoops of ice-cream.  Being disciplined in your eating habits is the first way you can establish a disciplined life.  And a disciplined life leads to great things.  It’s not all about being ripped, fit, or svelte, it’s mostly about just living a balanced, heart healthy life.  When you are disciplined with your diet, trust us, the rest comes easier.  For some very simple ways to improve your diet, click here.  


FullSizeRender.jpgSo you have a decent salary.  You get to travel occasionally, buy what you want, and basically do what you want.  Don’t settle.  Be disciplined with your career. Ask yourself questions and do this often.  Where do I see myself professionally in 5 years?  How do I get there?  What else can I do to add value to myself?  Is continuing education something I should consider?/

Don’t stay stagnant and don’t let your company or that corporate ladder dictate your ceiling.  It takes work, and most of the time it’s hard work.  But be disciplined in the pursuit of your career and professional goals, and you will see that small steps can lead to a long a fruitful journey.  Plan your steps and don’t stay stagnant.  Read this.


You only have one body.  Be active.  Don’t want to?  Think about it this way.  You only have one set of teeth, and yet you still dedicate time for those pearly whites at least twice a day.  So why not dedicate some time for your body (since you only have one) at least once a week?  Go for a jog around the park and enjoy the fresh air.  Climb up a few sets of stairs.  Do a few pushups.  Stretch!  The point is to move your muscles and engage your bones.  This discipline will help you so much down the road as you get older.  A bit of pain now saves you a lot of pain later.  Trust us.  



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