It’s never bad to have an opinion.  It’s also never a bad to share your opinion.  But how you share your opinion is what really matters.  Don’t turn a pleasant debate or disagreement into a shouting match.  Read on and learn how to share your opinion and debate properly.


Most of the time, shouting during a disagreement basically means you’re very desperate for someone to care about your opinion.  And most of the time, when you shout, you appear as though you’ve lost a debate, unless your audience happens to be a country of misinformed Americans. The best way to share your opinion then, is to be mindful of your volume when you’re doing it.  Not shouting is important because it:

  • Makes you appear calm – you ever see the movie Jaws?  When the shark swims over to the boat and everyone is yelling?  Yeah, that’s panic.  Debate in a normal tone and you’ll seem calmer and more informed.
  • Makes you appear intelligent – remember that one time you saw the elderly man wearing the tweed overcoat drinking the black pour over coffee at the fair trade coffee shop?  Remember how he only checked his iPhone and remember how you thought to yourself, “wow, that guy must be a professor or something!”  Well, when you don’t yell, you appear more intelligent.   


Nobody likes it when their opinion isn’t heard.  And when you’re in a debate with someone, you must give the other person a chance to speak and voice their opinion!  This is easier said than done though, as most of the time when people get carried away, their opinions drown out the views of others.  Take turns, it:

  • Naturally appears that you’re considering an opinion – when you’re not talking, you’re listening.  And even if you are not really considering the other person’s opinion, when you don’t talk, at least it looks like you are.
  • Makes you appear less arrogant – talking too much makes you look arrogant.  It makes you look like you’re full of yourself, even though your opinion could be wrong.   


You’re not going to win everyone over all the time, that’s just how life goes.  The sooner you realize that you can’t have everything you want, the happier you’ll be.  It’s completely okay to disagree, what sets you apart is how you carry yourself when you disagree.  Learn this, and you’ll be better for it.    

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