Not everyone can make it rain.  Not everyone can throw a champagne campaign.  Not everyone can be a baller. And not everyone can be a shot caller.  What am I talking about?  If you’re eating out and you don’t want to pay for everyone (there are instances where you should), here’s how you should split the bill.


When you’re eating with friends, the assumption is that you like them; or at least tolerate them.  If this isn’t the case, you have far greater problems than how you split a bill.  Anyway, here’s how you should split the bill if you’re with friends.

  • Divide the final bill evenly – So what if your friend ordered something that is a few dollars more.  So what if you had one extra drink.  They would’ve bought you a drink at the bar anyway, and you would’ve done the same.  Split the bill evenly.
  • What if the person didn’t drink – Split the bill evenly.  Everyone is an adult, and most adults have a beverage or two.  Have them order a mocktail with a tiny umbrella on top then split the bill.  Don’t be annoying.


We’re all about gentlemanly chivalry here.  So if you’re on a double date, pay for your date. If the other guy doesn’t pay for his, you look better because you paid for yours.  Easy!

  • If he doesn’t want to pay for his date – still pay for yours, but ask the server to split the bill two ways.  You pay for you and your date, then have him and his date split it among themselves.  Teach that guy a lesson!IMG_0370.JPG


Meeting the parents is like a job interview, so you need to put your best foot forward.  The joy that you feel when you treat your parents out to dinner, give your date that same feeling when she presents you to her family.  Choose a nice restaurant with great food and pay for it!


We realize that every relationship is different.  Some girls want a sugar daddy that pays for everything.  Some guys want a sugar momma that pays for everything.  Other couples both work, both hustle, and as a result, both complain about their jobs.  If you fall in that last category, here’s how you should split the tab:  

  • Don’t split the bill – instead, just pick up the whole tab one time, then have your partner pick up the tab the other time.
  • Treat her more often – since we’re all about chivalry, it’s very much okay to pay for her more often than not.  In relationships, it’s a bad sign if the people involved are so calculative, so enjoy dinner and enjoy your time with her.



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