You’ve graduated from college, you’ve found yourself a decent job, you’ve (hopefully) moved out of your parent’s house; so why are you still shopping at the freezer section?

I understand the dilemma of convenience. Should I snooze an extra 15 minutes and taxi to work? Should I just order take out and not cook something healthier? Should I have that extra cocktail and feel a tad worse the next day? We are all victims of this, but one thing you should stop doing, is to stop buying your groceries from the freezer section. Frozen foods are good for one thing: shelf life. And how do they accomplish this; preservatives. They’re bad for you. If you can’t pronounce it, denounce it. So buy fresh and read further to know how.

I am not a farmer or expert on horticulture, but I know how to pick my produce. And as with most things in life, it should taste like how it looks, or what you see is what you get. So if the fruit or vegetable looks like crap, it will most likely taste like crap. When buying fruits and vege, the first thing you look for is a vibrant color healthy looking color. Tomatoes should be bright red, carrots a healthy orange, and eggplants a deep purple.

After you look at the produce, you want to feel it. You should already know the textures as you’ve probably eaten most of them before. Apples are usually crispy, tangerines and oranges are soft but supple, and squash should be firm. Then you’d want to check whether there are any bruises, cuts, or holes in the produce as you want to stay away from these ones.


Healthy, Easy, and Tasty Recipe:
1) Chopped Chicken Breast
2) Mashed Avocado
3) Broccoli Florets
4) Wrapped in whole-wheat tortilla

Eating healthily is important for a variety of reasons. And the easiest way to do this is to stay away from processed and frozen foods and to eat foods that are fresh and deteriorate naturally. Skipping the frozen foods section and buying fresh is one of the easiest ways to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

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