We learn a lot in school. Math, Science, the Arts, and some History; these are all well and good, but these things don’t really teach you how to live by yourself and mature into a well-rounded individual. They help you get into college and get a good job and a career. But it doesn’t really help you with the day to day stuff. I’m here to help and these are some things you must know.

1. Tying a tie. Come on. Youtube it, you don’t need to learn many different styles, just tie one type of knot and get it right.  Here’s a quick clip.


2. Cleaning your apartment. Keep it clean, keep it tidy, make sure there are no funky smells. Introduce yourself to Swiffer for the floors. Bleach for your soon-to-be-clean shower.  Blue tablets/cleaners for your toilet.  And some heavy duty sponges to scrub things. That’s all you need. Seriously.

3. Getting yourself into a nightclub. The Pimp Game ain’t easy, and most of the time, it isn’t cheap. Be nice to the doorman/bouncer, kindly ask him how long the wait is, then maybe slip them some cash.  Don’t be cheap, it keeps your date entertained, keeps your buzz going, and makes you look way cooler and much more connected. 

4. Ironing your clothes. Don’t be a kid, spend some time ironing your clothes, yes even t-shirts. It’ll show that you’re ready for adult life and will let your partner know you take yourself, and your presentation, seriously.  See if you can do this in 90 seconds

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