What is an artist but a workman, who is determined that, whatever else happens, his work shall be excellent?
– William Morris

William Morris was a jack-of-all-trades.  In England, he was a published poet, writer, social activist, and textile designer.  Some of his most famous designs are now emulated en-masse as a pocket square.  Check out the prints he inspired below! 

Why is he important?  Well, Mr. Morris knew a bit about everything.  Nowadays, every successful person knows a bit of everything, being well-rounded and confident in yourself sets you apart from others!  The 21st century man must know how to:

1. Be confident in your communication and demeanor
2. Dress for the occasion
3. Keep your physique and body in good physical condition
4. Cook a healthy meal
5. Discern a variety of beverages

Knowing about these five things will enable you to become the well-rounded man that everyone wants to be around. 

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